Hand-Crafted Aluminium Whistles

Low G whistle
Low G whistle

I offer a full range of quality custom built hand-crafted aluminium whistles, in any key from high E to bass G. My whistles have a rich powerful tone, mellow with a touch of complexity.

The whistles are tunable and made from light thin-walled aluminium tubing with a black Delrin fipple plug. The head incorporates a curved windway for clearer tone and clog resistance. The barrel joint and the corked tenon form a tuning slide, and for changing whistle bodies. Finger holes are large enough to allow good semi-tones by half covering the hole. Customisation for tone hole placement is available. Please let me know your requirements, and we can discuss the tone hole layout.

Apart from individual whistles I offer combo sets with one head and several bodies of the same tubing/bore size. Additional bodies can also be added later. This provides a very economical way to own a set of whistles for different keys. See Pricelist for range of prices.

Please check out individual whistle descriptions with pictures and sound samples.

High whistles:

Low whistles:

Bass whistles:

Speciality whistles

D Plus WhistlesD Plus Whistles with 7 or 8 finger holes for additional bottom C
Bb Chanter WhistleBb Chanter Whistle with 8 finger holes as GHP chanter with half-open fingering
Tabor PipesTabor Pipes with 3 finger holes for one-handed playing
Gypsy WhistlesGypsy Whistles (in any key) for harmonic and double harmonic minor and related modes
Kaval WhistlesKaval Whistles with 5 finger holes for Romanian scale
 Harmonic Overtones Flutes
Harmonic Overtones FlutesWalking Stick Whistles

Thumb hole

thumb hole on the back of the body

I offer for no extra cost a thumb hole for C natural (using D whistle note names) on all my whistles. The thumb hole provides a strong C natural in both octaves, which cannot be obtained by forked fingering, though you can still use forked fingering for C natural, leaving the thumb hole covered.

Silver lip plate

old-style low D head with silver lip plate
old-style low D head with silver lip plate

A silver lip plate can be added on the upper beak, to minimise lip contact to aluminium. A solid silver plate of 10 mm width will be laid flush into the aluminium upper beak. Thereby the upper lip rests on silver, not aluminium. The lower lip rests to a big extent on the Delrin plug. With this silver plate lip contact to aluminium and the possibility of a slight metallic taste is greatly reduced.
Price (for new whistle): 25 GBP