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This embedded converter can give you a rough idea of the cost, but Paypal's conversion rate will be a bit less favourable, so add ca. 2% to the converted total (they take a bigger cut).

All prices are in British Pound Sterling (GBP). I accept payment via Paypal or UK cheque. Please make your payment in British Pound Sterling (GBP), when ordering from another country!

Aluminium Whistles

Whistles standard keys

Single whistle

Each additional body

E, Eb
Gypsy F#/Gb, F

90 GBP

+25 GBP

D, C#/Db
Gypsy E, Eb

95 GBP

+25 GBP

C, B
Gypsy D, C#/Db

100 GBP

+25 GBP

Bb, A, G#/Ab
Gypsy C, B, Bb

120 GBP

+30 GBP

Low G, Low F#/Gb
Gypsy A, G#/Ab

135 GBP

+35 GBP

Low F, Low E
Gypsy Low G, Low F#/Gb

150 GBP

+35 GBP

Low Eb, Low D, Low C#/Db
Gypsy Low F, Low E, Low Eb

165 GBP

+40 GBP

Low C, Low B
Gypsy Low D, Low C#/Db

185 GBP

+45 GBP

Bass Bb, Bass A, Bass G#/Ab, Bass G
Gypsy Low C, Low B, Low Bb, Low A

225 GBP

+50 GBP

Combo sets: single whistle price plus additional body price(s)
Add flat-rate Shipping Cost (UK: +10 GBP, EU: +15 GBP, US and rest of the world: +20 GBP)

Whistle Add-ons

low D head with silver lipplate
low D head with silver lip plate
Sterling silver lip plate, inlaid into upper beak: +25 GBP

PVC Flutes

available keysone piece flutetwo piece flutethree piece flute
low Eb, D, C#, C60 GBP70 GBP80 GBP

Shipping cost

Whistles are posted insured and by air to international destinations.
Depending on destination a flat rate per parcel is added to the costs for whistles or flutes. This amounts to a small saving if you order more than one whistle.

UK: 10 GBP

EU and Europe: 15 GBP
US and Worlwide: 20 GBP

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