PVC Flutes

I make flutes in keys of low D, C, Eb and C# out of white, thick-walled, hard, non-toxic PVC waterpipe tubing.

These flutes are tunable, incorporating a thin aluminium tube as tuning slide.
The flutes use an internally tapered head design to facilitate second octave tuning.
The embouchure hole is elliptical (10mm x 12mm) and allows a powerful sound.
Finger holes are in-line as standard, but can be made with ergonomical offsets of some holes, as required.

single piece PVC flute
PVC D flute with aluminium tuning slide
single piece Gypsy flute
Single piece Gypsy flute

Listen to Gypsy D flute sample:
Listen to Gypsy D flute sample 2:
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